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The Town of Alberton is currently involved in a major water project.  The project consists of 4 phases.  We completed phase one which was to upgrade the chlorination of the water.  We went from chlorine gas to a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system.  We also added chlorine to the well house.  Phase two will be started in the spring of 2022.  We have obtained several grants including a $750,000 TSEP grant, $125,000.00 DNRC grant, $88,000.00 ARPA grant.  We are also applying for a forgiven principle SRF loan.  Phase two is upgrading the existing disbribution lines north of Railroad Ave., and new meters. Phase three is a new 200,000 gallon storage tank.  Phase four is a new well and pump testing, houses and disenfection.
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Alberton, Montana 406 722-3404
WATER / SEWER: Keeping the Town of Alberton Flowing Well